Rodrigo - New Angles

When was the last time you thought of how many noises your ears picked up without you even registering it? Or how many things your eyes saw today? Or how many times you used your mouth to eat, speak, smile or kiss somebody? And best of all, have you ever thought about the amount of work you give your hands per day? How many objects they have touched or picked up. How many times they were used to express your excitement, your anger, your happiness?

Doing this photo shoot with Rodrigo, made me notice and appreciate all the little things we overlook that our bodies can do!

So here you have, not a portrait, but portraits of the portrait of Rodrigo, a kind-hearted, handsome Argentinian boy who followed his heart to Berlin.

Paris in Love and Hell

Here is Paris.

I did these as I was feeling a bit off and decided to disctract myself with Art. It worked and I didn't have to talk to anyone or try to push anything down.

I know you've heard it all before, but distracting yourself with art is an amazing way to overcome certain mental blockages or release yourself..from yourself. You know that feeling when it seems like you've sat in one place going over and over a situation? All that it does is create false realisations and even more anxiety. 

Putting your focus into something productive helps you overcome certain feelings just by the simple act of dicstraction. Reminding yourself that, even if you do feel strongly about something, it doesn't HAVE to take over and you do have the power to shake it off and take a break from thinking about whatever it is making you feel like shit. The sense of relief is more gratifying and addicting than wallowing in pitty.  

Take a look and lose yourself in the image. Think about what emoitons come up and why it is so. 


What a Beauty! - Auckland, New Zealand

Here are some of my favourite shots I took on my trip to Auckland, New Zealand. 

Before heading back home to Berlin from my year in Australia in November 2017, I paid my family a visit in Wellington, Auckland. 

This place is amazing for my style of photography. The bright sunlight exposes the wonderful colors I love to capture. The vastness of some places allowed me to use my wide-angel lens to capture a scene with lots of depth. 

We took a trip to the West Coast Beaches where the sand is BLACK! what?! yeah! I know! So cool. 

Anyone who's a Bonobo fan would understand why I couldn't stop jaming out to his songs in my head the whole day ;) 

Not only is the country beautiful, but the people there too! Such lovely, kind spirits that made me feel welcome straight away. 

I only managed to spend a week there but will most definitely plan to go for another extended stay in the near future. 


Stay Sunny with Sense of Sun!

If you feel like you haven't yet found the right music that can put you in a good mood no matter how poo your day is going, you might want to check this out.

DJ Sense of Sun puts together the most brilliant sets that you can't sit and listen'll be dancing whether you like it or not. 


My Personal Favourite mixes:

Wilde Möhre 2017

palms Flamingos Podcast

You'll also find some of my work he used for his profile and header picture!

Give him a follow on Facebook to make sure you don't miss his next events!


Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.56.23 am.png

SUPERMARKET SPLENDOR fashion editorial --> out now on The Forumist <--

Check out this super fun and colourful editorial I shot with my team at the Dong Xuan Center in Berlin on The Forumist

This shoot started out with just a spontaneous idea between stylist, Lauren Victoria Craig, and myself as we had recently reunited in Berlin. It all happened within a week as our magic just worked between us. Ideas rolled out one after the other and we managed to get an amazing team and concept together. Our model is Luisa Weissflog who's make up was done by Bülent Musdu.

It was such a great experience doing this shoot as we had to be incognito and super organised to get the shots we wanted. 

To make the day run more smoothly, Lauren and I went to the center a day before to check out all the shops and areas as potential locations. We then went back to the outfits put together and colour-coordinated them to the most appropriate shop. This meant we could be quick getting to our sets and spend more time photographing than walking around aimlessly. 

We we all super happy with the outcome of the photos. It was test run that turned into our favourite work so far. 

It is such an amazing feeling not only getting a brilliant outcome of images but also finding a team that works so well together. 

This was definitely not the last time we will all work together! (actually, Ive got more of Luisa coming soon!)

I hope you enjoy the work as much as we did! 


Welcome to the Jungle!! Guns'N'Roses in Berlin

The first show of the Guns'N'Roses "Not in This Lifetime" Tour 2018 in Berlin!!! 
Such a great experience to see Rock'n'Roll giving their everything on stage. 

Back again on tour, Guns'n'Roses opened their first show in Berlin at the Olympic Stadium. 

There was an excited energy in the air before the band came on stage which then exploded with the first riff of the guitar. Axl Rose, still dressed to impress, gave a scream and the show could begin. 

They played 24 songs in total, and I not once felt like it was dragging on. I had noticed though, that the sound was quite off. You could sometimes barely hear Axl sing and Dizzy on the Keyboard was too quite! - A shame for sure. 

I left the stadium feeling like I'd experienced something truly special and will stay in there as one of my favourite memories. 


   images source -&nbsp;


images source -

Rocking out with the Beatstakes

Beatstakes live in Leipzig...WHAT A SHOW!!

The German band Beatstakes were on tour in Germany and I got to go hang out with the lot. 
SUCH lovely gentlemen and so so talented. 'twas such a pleasure to go and capture their incredibly entertaining performance. As you can see in the photos, I wasn't the only one taken back by their crazy awesome stage presence. 

I used to listen to these guys when I was a lot younger, so it was a treat and a half for me to go see them live after so many years. Plus there was a special guest appearance from Deichkind too!  How wicked awesome cool! 

It is always such a lovely experience getting to meet a super talented band but then also find out they are incedibly humble and love a little dance in the backstage area after the show....and waaaay too many beers!

I would Highly recommend seeing these boys plays live if you ever get the chance! 



Family Time with Family Unit

Hanging out with Family Unit at Anita Berber

I was lucky enough to hang out with and capture moments with the DJ crew Family Unit. 
They are such wonderful people who gather only the finest spirits and treat them with the creme de la creme of House music. 

The event, Family Time, is always held at Anita Berber in Wedding.

My personal favourite thing about this Event, is that it's a daytime party so you can go shake ya bottom full off natural energy, if you know what I mean, and then have your entire Sunday to enjoy feeling semi fresh. 



I do encourage people to let go sometimes and experience life on the weird side. 
It's way more fun than always trying to stay within "normal" social behaviours. As long as you respect other people and their space, you have no reason to constantly be watching what you say and do.

Seriously, ask any of my friends and they will tell you I make weird noises, talk with no filter and sometimes talk with no sense. But, I tell you, the times I have to pay attention to my words and actions, it is physically far more draining and I'd rather just not. 

SO what I'm trying to get at is: just go crazy sometimes (but like, dont hurt anyone or thing)



Down the Duck Hole

Well, because you asked...YES I love playing around with colours making pretty cool photos extravagant.

There's actually no reason why we can't take a nature photo and turn it into a trippy image. Why keep things so serious? If we would all just relax a bit and see the fun in the world, it would be a far more chilled out.

This is how I live each and every day. Constantly looking around discovering new things and appreciating the old and always keeping a light hearted view on things. 

So I say, just add a bit of colour and have some fun! There's no one to say no!


20140202-PinkBirdy (1 von 2).JPG

oh CRAP!

Featuring CRAP Eyewear, LA

I got to do a little thang for the Los Angeles Based Eyewear CRAP. 

I mean, they're the exact opposite of CRAP in my not so humble opinion. 

Check out the line here:

Get Looney

Here's Looney - Berlin based skateboarder. He is part of the infamous created family and crew, Bänke Berlin, on Warschauerstr. 

I got to spend some time with this free spirit and catch some of his awesome jumps. He is sponsored by DC Shoes (luckily as he sure gets through plenty being on his board 24/7)

Here you can follow his journey as a skater in Berlin and other places he likes to travel.