Welcome to the Jungle!! Guns'N'Roses in Berlin

The first show of the Guns'N'Roses "Not in This Lifetime" Tour 2018 in Berlin!!! 
Such a great experience to see Rock'n'Roll giving their everything on stage. 

Back again on tour, Guns'n'Roses opened their first show in Berlin at the Olympic Stadium. 

There was an excited energy in the air before the band came on stage which then exploded with the first riff of the guitar. Axl Rose, still dressed to impress, gave a scream and the show could begin. 

They played 24 songs in total, and I not once felt like it was dragging on. I had noticed though, that the sound was quite off. You could sometimes barely hear Axl sing and Dizzy on the Keyboard was too quite! - A shame for sure. 

I left the stadium feeling like I'd experienced something truly special and will stay in there as one of my favourite memories. 


   images source - https://classicrock.net/guns-n-roses-so-war-es-bei-ihrer-show-in-berlin/


images source - https://classicrock.net/guns-n-roses-so-war-es-bei-ihrer-show-in-berlin/