What a Beauty! - Auckland, New Zealand

Here are some of my favourite shots I took on my trip to Auckland, New Zealand. 

Before heading back home to Berlin from my year in Australia in November 2017, I paid my family a visit in Wellington, Auckland. 

This place is amazing for my style of photography. The bright sunlight exposes the wonderful colors I love to capture. The vastness of some places allowed me to use my wide-angel lens to capture a scene with lots of depth. 

We took a trip to the West Coast Beaches where the sand is BLACK! what?! yeah! I know! So cool. 

Anyone who's a Bonobo fan would understand why I couldn't stop jaming out to his songs in my head the whole day ;) 

Not only is the country beautiful, but the people there too! Such lovely, kind spirits that made me feel welcome straight away. 

I only managed to spend a week there but will most definitely plan to go for another extended stay in the near future.