Rocking out with the Beatstakes

Beatstakes live in Leipzig...WHAT A SHOW!!

The German band Beatstakes were on tour in Germany and I got to go hang out with the lot. 
SUCH lovely gentlemen and so so talented. 'twas such a pleasure to go and capture their incredibly entertaining performance. As you can see in the photos, I wasn't the only one taken back by their crazy awesome stage presence. 

I used to listen to these guys when I was a lot younger, so it was a treat and a half for me to go see them live after so many years. Plus there was a special guest appearance from Deichkind too!  How wicked awesome cool! 

It is always such a lovely experience getting to meet a super talented band but then also find out they are incedibly humble and love a little dance in the backstage area after the show....and waaaay too many beers!

I would Highly recommend seeing these boys plays live if you ever get the chance!