Paris in Love and Hell

Here is Paris.

I did these as I was feeling a bit off and decided to disctract myself with Art. It worked and I didn't have to talk to anyone or try to push anything down.

I know you've heard it all before, but distracting yourself with art is an amazing way to overcome certain mental blockages or release yourself..from yourself. You know that feeling when it seems like you've sat in one place going over and over a situation? All that it does is create false realisations and even more anxiety. 

Putting your focus into something productive helps you overcome certain feelings just by the simple act of dicstraction. Reminding yourself that, even if you do feel strongly about something, it doesn't HAVE to take over and you do have the power to shake it off and take a break from thinking about whatever it is making you feel like shit. The sense of relief is more gratifying and addicting than wallowing in pitty.  

Take a look and lose yourself in the image. Think about what emoitons come up and why it is so.